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The contractor bidding for the project writes the SOW and uses the RFP as a reference document. The main point of the SOW is to define the work and to divide the main deliverables and subsequent tasks into measurable items. An example of this would be describing all of the tasks that the contractor performs. The SOW explains both the management and technical approaches that will be used to meet all project deliverables. The SOW also includes key measurement and performance criteria with an emphasis on how reporting to the client will take place.

It is often the case that the client does not understand the full scope of the work to be done. However, when writing the SOW, the client expects an understandable plan that clearly states what will be delivered. The problem many SOW documents have is that they use vague language, tasks are not well-defined, and it does not clearly stipulate what the contractor is expected to do.


The project should be defined during this phase, and the definition should show that the project will be conducted in a logical and proper manner. Some of the core functions addressed during this feasibility assessment include

Business purpose Benefit/cost analysis (pay back) Legal and regulatory issues Training issues Scope and detail

Executives today rely on valuable financial information to guide them in making more informed decisions about project investments. The point of assessing any potential solution for an organization is to determine if the solution will be valuable, and the analyst needs to find out ways to ensure this happens. The following are examples of reliable information that project managers can supply executives.

The project ROI is 170 percent.

The pay back period is 2.5 years and can be accomplished faster than anticipated.

The probability of success is greater than 70 percent.

The project risks have been analyzed and are deemed acceptable.

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