Situational Power

This style is often a combination of leadership styles and is dependent upon the specific situation that demands it. Project managers in this category may exhibit an autocratic style in one situation and a more judicial style in the next. For example, on Monday, a subordinate on a project authorizes project changes from a vendor without the project manager's knowledge, resulting in the project manager reprimanding the member for the wrongful action. On Thursday, however, this same project manager gives the project team a motivational speech, complimenting them for all their hard work.


Today's trends indicate that the majority of employment agencies and employers are establishing tough entry criteria for any prospective project managers. Clients have learned from past experiences that a project manager at the helm of an important project does not necessarily imply success. Instead, clients are setting higher standards for future project incumbents. Clients expect project managers to be able to

■ Run projects autonomously and manage themselves

■ Accurately estimate and track project schedules and costs

■ Communicate quickly and efficiently at all levels of business

■ Be creative and think out-of-the-box

■ Understand how businesses work, who runs them, and what it costs to run them

■ Be accountable for a project's success

■ Ride the wave of change and be able to integrate the products into the market


Without learning from past mistakes or experiences, a project manager will never be able to succeed. Several lessons I have learned from include the following:

It is important to understand the technical aspects of a project and attempt to make technical decisions; otherwise, the project team will lose confidence in the project manager's ability and may start to make their own decisions or even ask other managers for their opinions.

A project manager should never continue on a project where there are two project managers running the same project.

■ There must be a project sponsor in place or the project will not have the backing to push it forward.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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