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The role of the project manager is so critical on a project that it is important to identify the minimum basic responsibilities that are required from project managers. Table 2.3 lists these responsibilities.

Table 2.3: IT project manager responsibilities


Checklist |

Define and scope the project correctly.

Identify and select project resources—team and material resources.

Lead the project team through each phase of the project.

Table 2.3: IT project manager responsibilities

Responsibilities _

Checklist _|

Estimate and create the project budget.

Identify and manage all issues and risks on the project.

Create and maintain the project plan.

Manage all changes to the project.

Ensure that all project tasks and deliverables remain on track and within cost.

Identify organizational politics and play it well.

Manage the project folder and related documentation.

Communicate and maintain project progress on meetings and status reports.



The main difference between a leader and a manager is that leaders have followers! Project managers need to identify what leadership potential they possess. The following section presents some of the most frequently used types of leadership style I have encountered.

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