Pilot Testing

With pilot testing, it is necessary that the new system be used by a limited number of production users in their normal production environment. Users should execute functions on the new system, evaluate the results, and assess the impact on performance reliability in their environment. Before a new system is deployed at the user site, a reimplementation pilot test should be performed to simulate the system in the manner for which it will be used. The following guidelines should help the project manager perform reimplementation planning:

• The project manager should choose an individual (one who was involved in training and acceptance testing) to be responsible for collating error reports and change requests.

• This individual should be given authority to either authorize or make improvements within defined limits.

• A process should be established to deal with larger proposals for change.

• The project manager should establish a management and reporting structure to monitoring error reports, change requests, and report back to the originators.

• The project manager should assess and approve all enhancements and change requests on the basis of their relevance and contribution to the business objectives.

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