Functional Testing

The project's quality assurance team is responsible for looking after the functional testing of the solution being developed. It is pretty much frontend, "click and see" type of testing. Functional testing should be designed to ensure that each business specification/requirement has been included and works. The tester or testers shall be responsible for test planning, test documentation, and the validation. I have often found that without proper testing staff on the project team, the project encounters problems. It can even get to the point where the project is delayed due to inconsistencies between the specifications and the system being tested. The project manager must be involved with the test team in order to resolve any possible discrepancies that may exist. An example of this discrepancy would be if the client introduces changes during the project, but these changes were not documented correctly by means of formal change requests. The purpose of functional testing is to detect user interface problems early, before development is nearing final completion and the system is put into production.

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