Executive Requirements on Strategy

Project managers need to realize that executives within organizations are big on making things happen. Without a doubt, they are totally results-orientated. Due to their positions (i.e., CEO, CIO, director, etc.) they are held accountable to their shareholders for "results." Because of this, executives tend to identify and focus on those projects that contribute to the following:

• Keeping the shareholders happy

• Increasing the market share

• Raising revenues

• Attracting new clients

• Getting higher dividends

• Lowering any operational expenses

• Increasing the efficiency in the company

• Increasing repeat client visits

• Lowering the cost of sales

• Making workers more productive and having a satisfied employee workforce

Therefore, executives are big on specific, demonstrable progress and measurable results, and if project managers cannot guarantee any visible return on these factors, they can more than likely expect minimal sponsorship on their projects and even a dip in their careers.

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