Developing Customized Solutions

Many organizations require unique customization of available standard packaged solutions. This customization is performed in order to get the best of both worlds, but the result can be failure if the project customizes the solution too much. The key criteria here is that the client must, at some point in time, draw a line when deciding upon the amount of customization. There are two main categories that a client should consider when wanting to customize a solution: (1) limited customization and (2) extensive customization. Table 4.8 portrays the impact each of these choices have on a standard application.

Table 4.8: Impact of customizing a standard package

Limited Customization

Extensive Customization

Allows design of the user interface

Is likely to cause an increase in project schedule and budget

Offers ability to change certain documentation and reports

Causes growth in technical complexity

Gives definitions and changing of customized fields

Results in poor quality of functional and system fit

Defines customized business

Does not have effective

Table 4.8: Impact of customizing a standard package

Limited Customization _

Extensive Customization _


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The majority of software packages available on the market today (i.e., Siebel CRM, SAP, Oracle, etc.) feature some level of customization, and such projects can be implemented successfully, based upon tried and tested project methodologies. However, where the need for extensive customization is identified, this becomes another matter. Extensive customization falls into a high-risk category, and the project team may need to consider other options, such as developing new software. The project team, nevertheless, needs to validate that the client requirements justify the customization as being realistic.

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