Daily Project Activities Checklist

A vital part of any project manager's responsibilities is to take charge of the day-to-day activities on the project. These include monitoring the progress of project tasks and activities and making decisions about the project. Most importantly, these tasks and activities should be managed on a daily or weekly basis.

The best way to gather this project information is to ask the project team members how their tasks are progressing. Project managers have come to understand that nothing substitutes for actually asking team members, face to face, how their part of the project is going. Project managers are much more likely to get a true picture of the facts. They then incorporate and update this progress information into the respective project documentation. Table 7.3 shows which documentation needs to be controlled on a regular basis.

Table 7.3: Frequency checklist


How to Update

Frequency _

Project definition report or plan

Update existing documents

As needed

The weekly project status report

Issue new status report


Daily issue and risk log

Update issue or risk log


Computerized tracking tools

Review and track


Change request forms

Submit changes to change control board (CCB)

As needed

Remember that the project executives rely on the project manager's status reports and communications when they are reviewing and making important strategic decisions. If these documents show that a project is behind schedule or over budget, then it fuels the question as to whether executives need to cancel the project entirely or see it through to the end, as it is strategically important from a business perspective. Nonetheless, the project manager is the person accountable for reporting the accurate and true status of the project at frequent intervals (see Figure 7.6). I have personally found that submitting status reports on a weekly basis works best.

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