Controlling Project Resources

The responsibility of managing the correct quantity of resources on a project is demanding. Project managers must ensure that sufficient resources are used on all project activities that were planned earlier during the project-planning phase. In many situations, there are either too little or too many staff members performing these tasks, and it becomes the responsibility of the project manager to level these resources out and to maintain the right amount of resources on the task. It doesn't make any financial sense to keep additional resources on the project if they won't be used again. So, these members will likely have to be released. If the resources have specialist skills that are considered crucial to the client, then the necessary arrangements must be made to retain those resources.

If, however, project managers find that they have too few resources working on an important task that has to be completed within a certain date, then there are a few options available (see Figure 7.2).

• Add additional staff members from other tasks to the important task, hoping to reduce the duration.

• Hire additional resources just for the task duration.

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