Chapter Implementing the Project

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Getting the implementation phase right the first time is crucial for any project manager or project team. This chapter offers guidelines for successfully implementing a project and ensuring that all relevant areas have been addressed. Remember that everything the project team planned, developed, and changed throughout the project life cycle is now ready for implementation. Implementation, in a nutshell, refers to the efficient transfer of the project into the client's "live" production environment. The logistical deployment of the project into the business operation is often complex and needs close coordination by the project team.

The users of the future system are anxiously waiting for the new solution and most probably have been briefed as to when the solution will be implemented and "up and running." If the production manager fails to deliver at the specified time and within the designed functionality, problems are bound to occur. There is no turning back! In this chapter I show how to implement a system and support it at a low cost. Failure to deploy a project correctly is one of the major causes of project failure. This chapter addresses the causes of poor deployment and highlights recommendations for a successful one. The implementation of the solution is not final until sufficient attention is paid to ensure that client is knowledgeable and has been trained to use the solution. Training the client staff can take up considerable project resources, often a significant proportion of the overall cost of the project. Therefore, the training should be carefully planned and budgeted. The staff who will maintain and support the solution once it is implemented should also be offered training.


There are a variety of options that a project manager could consider when implementing a solution. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type, and the choice usually depends on the client organizational setup and the complexity of the solution to be implemented. For example, an international client with multiple offices needs to upgrade a certain email system in all offices by a certain "go-live" date. In such a scenario, a project manager is faced with huge logistical and technical challenges, and the implementation strategy is pivotal in deciding on the rollout. These implementation choices available to a project manager are

Parallel implementation Phased implementation Crash implementation

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