Change Control Board Responsibilities

Any anticipated changes to a project need to be reviewed from a technical and business perspective before any proposed change can take effect. The change control board (commonly know as "CCB") consists of a chairperson and technical and business members who appoint subject matter experts on an "as-needed" basis. They meet on a frequent basis to review the change requests or when requested by the project manager.

Very often at large organizations, it is common to find a dedicated CCB in place, serving all change requests within the project and operational environment. In this case, the project manager needs to determine the process of functions within the CCB. The CCB can perform the following:

• Approve change requests made to the project

• Reject the change request

• Defer the change request until further assessments or recommendations are made

Normally, an average-sized project cannot afford the manpower and the time to develop these change processes from scratch, so it is often left to the project manager to form his or her own CCB, often involving the client in the process.

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