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Because of the complexity and types of projects encountered, it is beneficial to archive project documentation and source code, in order to allow other project managers on future projects to review and use this archived media in a productive manner. This information can assist others by eliminating previously encountered problems.

New project managers will be in the position to leverage and develop extensions to historical project documentation with minimal disruption. If the same team is developing a similar type of project or solution, it is advisable to keep the documentation and lessons learned within that specific project team, and not move the information elsewhere. However, if the project information is incorrectly archived and improperly administered from a configuration or documentation management perspective, the following may occur:

? The information could be misplaced and cost valuable time being retrieved.

? The information could be lost permanently and hold no value to future projects.

? Only certain archived information will be recovered.

Similarly, if a project closes and much time passes before another project is considered, it is important to establish proper archive procedures so that the future project team can pick up where the last team stopped. I recommend that a centralized documentation and configuration management system be created to allow any future project teams to (1) identify, (2) control, (3) audit, and (4) account for historical project information. This information would include

? Development source code

? Project coding standards

? Project definition document

? Project charter

? Technical specifications

? Quality assurance plans and test scripts

? Minutes of the meetings

? Project management plan

? Master record index that lists all documentation placed under configuration control

? Project contact list

? Project notebook

It is imperative that someone makes and archives a permanent backup of the project information. Once the project manager has completed the "lessons learned" from the project, all project information must be sent to the repository (either manual or electronic based) for future referencing. This project archive repository should be managed by a (1) project office, (2) information systems configuration management department, or (3) an administration department. Archived project documentation should be classified and grouped by:

? Project type (e.g., Web applications/CRM)

? Project technology (e.g., Oracle)

? Project number (e.g., Project 12345)

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