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The project manager, together with the business analyst, should always insist on an initial formal kick-off meeting with the client and identified client staff members. The purpose of the meeting is to determine the requirements of the solution and to document expectations, goals, and success criteria. The kick-off meeting should be conducted with initial high-level project stakeholders at the beginning of the project. The output of the meeting is to articulate management objectives, produce the draft project charter document, produce the work breakdown structure, and establish the strategic schedule (see Figure 4.7).

Quality assurance

IT help desk

Project sponsor

Quality assurance


IT help desk

Maintenance & support

» Welcome / Introduction

• Project overview

• Discuss project scope

• High-Level project deliverables

• Member roles 8 responsibilities

• Discuss communication on project

• Discuss frequency of meetings

• General discussion—open

Client / end-User

Maintenance & support

Project manager ft

Procurement manager i

Configuration manager I coordinator

Development manager Business I Systems analyst

Figure 4.7: Project kick-off meeting involvement


On any project, the managing risks and problems could be simplified if lessons could be learned from previous projects (see Figure 4.8). The following list attempts to highlight some of these problems:

Complex projects have a reputation of delivering benefits late and come in over budget.

The most effective way of containing risk during the startup phase of the project is to use experienced and skilled people. Document everything. A set of complete documentation will minimize uncertainty and ensure easier updating when making revisions to either requirements or estimates.

When dealing across organizational boundaries, always ensure that you define and clarify roles and responsibilities of the project (i.e., who is responsible for what task).

The lack of support, confidence, or excitement on the part of the client or sponsor could be a symptom that something is wrong. The business analysis should include averages and peaks in the documented analysis when reviewing the system. If the system is not designed to meet peak demands, then it will fail.

Figure 4.8: Overview of analysis tasks
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