Acceptance Readiness Review

At the end of the system test phase, the project manager should conduct a readiness review meeting. He or she must meet with management, clients, members of the acceptance test team, and the development team to assess results of system testing and the state of preparations for acceptance testing. The output of the review should identify and discuss any outstanding problems that may impose technical limits on the testing or may affect schedules.

The system test and development teams should be certain that the system is complete and reliable before it is sent to the acceptance test team. Testers will be validating that business requirements have been fulfilled and ensuring integration into the target environment, so an accurate assessment of the status is necessary. A basic agenda for the readiness meeting would include the following points:

A walk through of the functionality tested An estimated time of completion for any functionality to be finished during the next phase of testing A review of general design considerations A review of database design and business rules Outstanding problems that will not be fixed by the start of testing

Outstanding problems that will not be fixed in the upcoming production release

Changes (either additions or deletions) in the scope of the release

A review of the current project plan


"What could be simpler than buying some computers, throwing them on a desktop, plugging them in and turning them on?"

The question is simple: The answer is much more complex. Complexity is almost always underestimated until well after the start of the planning process. Many of the elements of deployment require special coordination and handling due to the lack of direct control over the processes or compounding dependencies. Complexity can come from the technical nature of a project that attempts to take advantage of a new technology not yet tested by the corporation and requires full integration into the existing systems. These factors don't surface until the project manager demands action or some form of change. Implementing a solution without testing it properly is not acceptable.

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