Scope Change Control

According to the PMBOK, scope change control is concerned with ensuring that any changes to the project scope will be beneficial, with determining that an actual scope change has occurred, and with managing the actual changes when and as they occur. Scope control is also concerned with:

• Scope grope—Scope grope is a metaphor that describes a project team's inability to define the project's scope. This situation is common early in a project when the project team and sponsor have trouble understanding what the project is supposed to accomplish. Scope grope can be minimized by having a clearly defined MOV and by following or applying the processes, concepts, and tools described in this chapter.

• Scope creep—Scope creep refers to increasing featurism, adding small yet time- and resource-consuming features to the system once the scope of the project has been approved. For example, a project sponsor may try to add various bells and whistles to the project scope. Yet, scope creep does not always come from the project sponsor side. The project team itself may come across interesting or novel ideas as the project work progresses. Its enthusi asm for adding these ideas can divert its attention or add features and func tions to the system that the project sponsor did not ask for and does not need. Scope creep must be identified and controlled throughout the project because it will lengthen the project schedule and, in turn, lead to cost overruns.

• Scope leap—If scope creep is caused by increasing featurism, scope leap suggests a fundamental and significant change in the project scope. For example, the original scope for the bank's electronic commerce project was

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