Review Questions

1. Describe the PMBOK area of project time manage ment.

2. What is a WBS? What purpose does it serve?

3. Discuss why a project's scope must be tied to the WBS.

4. What is a work package?

5. What is the difference between a deliverable and a milestone?

6. What purpose do milestones serve?

7. What are some advantages of including milestones in the WBS?

8. What is a crux? Why should the project manager and project team identify the cruxes of a project?

9. What is the proper level of detail for a WBS?

10. Why should the WBS be deliverable-oriented?

11. Explain why people who do the work on a project should be involved in developing the project plan?

12. How does the concept of knowledge management support the development of the project plan?

13. How is estimating an IT project different from esti mating a construction project?

14. What makes estimating an IT project challenging?

15. What is guesstimating? Why should a project man ager not rely on this technique for estimating a project?

16. Describe the potential problems associated with providing an off-the-record estimate?

17. What is the Delphi technique? When would it be an appropriate estimating technique for an IT project?

18. What is time boxing? What are some advantages and disadvantages of time boxing project activities?

19. Describe top-down estimating. What are some advan tages and disadvantages of top-down estimating?

20. Describe bottom-up estimating. What are some advan tages and disadvantages of bottom-up estimating?

21. What is a death march project? What situations in project planning can lead to a death march project?

22. Discuss why adding people to a project that is already behind schedule can make it later?

23. What is software engineering?

24. Why is counting lines of code (LOG) a popular method for estimating and tracking programmer productivity? What are some problems associated with this method?

25. What is a function point? What advantages do func tion points have over counting lines of code?

26. How can function point analysis be used to help manage scope creep?

27. What is backfiring? How could an organization use backfiring to improve the accuracy of estimating IT projects?

28. What is COCOMO?

29. Under the COCOMO model, describe the organic, semi-detached, and embedded models.

30. What are heuristics? Discuss some of the advan tages and disadvantages of using heuristics for esti mating IT projects.

31. What can lead to inaccurate estimates? How can an organization improve the accuracy of estimating IT projects?

32. What is the impact of consistently estimating too low? Too high?


Develop a deliverable-oriented WBS for a surprise birthday party for a friend or relative (perhaps even your instructor?). Be sure to define a measure of success for this party and include milestones. Using the following phases as a guide, develop a WBS for an IT project that will allow Husky Air to keep track of all scheduled maintenance for its chartered aircraft. For each phase, define a deliverable, several activities or tasks, and a milestone,

!.0 Conceptualize and Initialize Project 2.0 Develop Project Charter and Plan 3.0 Analysis 4.0 Design


5,0 Construction

6.0 Testing

7.0 Implementation

8.0 Close Project

9.0 Evaluate Project Success

Using the information below, complete a function point analysis in order to use the basic COCOMO model to estimate the duration and number of people needed to develop an application using C++. Assume that the project is relatively simple and straightforward and that the project team is familiar with both the problem and technology. You can perform the calculations by hand, but feel free to use an appropriate software tool

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