Project Scope Verification

Once the project's scope has been defined, it must be verified. Project scope verification is the scope management process that provides a mechanism for ensuring that the project deliverables are completed according to the standards described in the

Figure 5.5 Use Case Diagram

DDT. Gray and Larson (2000) provide a project scope checklist for ensuring that the deliverables are completed—and completed correctly. This checklist has been adapted to include the MOV concept.

• MOV—Are the project's MOV clearly defined and agreed upon? Failure to define and agree upon the MOV could result in scope changes later in the proj ect, which can lead to added work impacting the project's schedule and budget.

• Deliverables—Are the deliverables tangible and verifiable? Do they support the project's MOV?

• Quality standards—Are controls in place to ensure that the work was not only completed, but also completed to meet specific standards?

• Milestones—Are milestones defined for each deliverable? Milestones are significant events that mark the acceptance of a deliverable and give the project manager and team the approval to begin working on the next deliv erable. In short, milestones tell us that a deliverable was not only com pleted, but also reviewed and accepted.

• Review and acceptance—Are both sides clear in their expectations? The project's scope must be reviewed and accepted by the project stakeholders. The project sponsor must formally accept the boundary, product to be pro duced, and the project-related deliverables. The project team must be clear on what it must deliver. In both cases, expectations must be realistic and agreed upon.

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