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Figure 9.9 BITTC Project Team's Learning Cycle to deliver problematic news early than to have upper management unaware of the situation. Hoping that the problem will go away is not an effective action.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge defines a set of processes to support project communications management. This area of knowledge includes communications planning, information distribution, performance reporting, and administrative closure. The output of these processes is to develop a project communications plan. This plan may be formal or informal, depending on the size of the project and number of project stakeholders, but it must support an effective and efficient means of communication among the various project stakeholders. The development of this plan focuses on identifying the various stakeholders and their information requirements. In addition, the plan also sets expectations in terms of how and when this information will be made available.

The project communications plan must include a variety of ways for project stakeholders to communicate. More specifically, project stakeholders should be able to communicate:

• Same time-Same place

• Same time-Different places

• Different times-Same place

• Different times-Different places

Today, a number of IT-based tools and technologies are available to support the different needs of the project stakeholders; however, richer forms of communication, such as face-to-face meetings, are important and more appropriate in certain situations.

Figure 9.10 Communication and Collaboration Matrix

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