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Figure 10.5 A Pareto Chart

Like F.W. Taylor, Philip Crosby developed many of his ideas from his experiences working on an

U assembly line. After serving in the Navy during the Korean War, he worked his way up in a hi variety of quality control positions until he held the position of corporate vice president and -<iV1' director of quality for ITT. In 1979, he published a best-selling book, Quality is Free, and eventually left ITT to start his own consulting firm that focused on teaching other organizations how to manage quality.

Crosby defined quality as conformance to requirements based on the customer's needs and advocated a top-down approach to quality in which it is management's responsibility to set a quality example for workers to follow. Crosby also advocated "doing it right the first time" and "zero defects", which translate into the notions that quality is free and that non-conformance costs organizations money.

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