Figure 2.3 The Process for Developing a Business Case strategic business objectives. In other words, the business case should outline how the successful completion of the proposed project will help the organization achieve its overall mission, goals, and objectives.

• Access to the real costs—Core members with certain expertise or access to important information can help build more realistic estimates in areas such as salaries, overhead, accounting and reporting practices, training require ments, union rules and regulations, and hiring practices.

In addition, the core team that develops the business case can play a crucial role when dealing with various areas or departments within the organizational boundary. The advantages include:

• Ownership—A cross-functional team can spread a sense of ownership for the business case. A project that includes other areas from the outset has a better chance of reducing the political problems associated with territorial domains.

• Agreement—If you develop a business case in isolation, it is very likely that you will have to defend your assumptions and subjective judgments in a competitive or political setting. However, if a core team develops the business case, the critics may be more apt to argue the results rather than the data and methods used.

• Bridge building—The core team may serve as an effective tool for handling critics of the business case. One tactic may be to include critics on the core team or to at least allow recognition and consideration for their positions. This may lead to fewer surprises and attacks later on.

Step 2. Define Measurable Organizational Value (MOV) The core team's objective should be to define the problem or opportunity and then identify several alternatives Hie

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