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Tim Williams thought he was going to be the first one to arrive at the office, but as he turned into the parking lot, he could see Kellie Matthews' car in its usual spot. Tim parked his car next to Kellie's and strode into the GTS office. This was going to be an exciting and busy day because several new employees were going to report for their first day of work at GTS. He wanted to get to the office early so he could greet them and prepare for their day of orientation.

As Tim walked through the office door, he made a beeline for the small kitchen area where a fresh pot of coffee was waiting. The smell brought a smile to his face as he poured the dark liquid into his favorite coffee mug. Tim turned around as Kellie entered the kitchen area. "Good morning!" Kellie exclaimed. Tim never had been a morning person, and he wondered to himself how anyone could be so cheerful this early. He tried to be as cheerful as possible given that he hadn't had his first cup of coffee. "Good morning to you, too." Tim could see that Kellie was at least one cup of coffee ahead of him, which gave him some consolation. "Care for another cup?" Tim asked as he offered to pour a cup for Kellie. "Sure, thanks," said Kellie as she held the cup out.

As Tim poured the coffee for Kellie, she smiled and said, "After you left yesterday, I received a phone call from Sitaramin. He said that he would accept our offer and join us at GTS next week." That news seemed to wake Tim up. "That's great!" Tim exclaimed.

Both Tim and Kellie have been busy during the last two weeks interviewing and negotiating with a number of candidates to join GTS. With the addition of Sitaramin, the team for the Husky Air project would be complete.

Kellie sipped her coffee and said, "Well, our budget for salaries is going to be slightly higher than we had planned, but I guess that can be expected given the job market for information systems professionals and the fact that we had to pay a premium because we're a start-up company. But if all goes well, I'm pretty sure that the Husky Air project will still be profitable for us. We can develop a detailed project plan and use the latest software metrics for planning the project schedule and budget, but the success of this project rests largely on how well this team performs."

Tim agreed, looked at his watch and said, "We have about an hour before our new employees arrive. I suggest we go over the details of the day's agenda one more time." Tim refilled his coffee mug and Kellie's before they made their way to the conference room where the orientation would be held. As they walked down the hall, Tim thought about what Kellie had said. He knew that it was going to be a challenge to form a cohesive and high-performance team from people who would meet for the first time in less than an hour.

Things to Think About

1. What feelings might a new employee have when starting a new job?

2. What could GTS do to help new employees transition successfully to their newjobs?

3. Why does the success of a project rest largely on the performance of the team?

4. How can a group of individuals become a cohesive and high-performing team?

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