Getting Back To The Basics Of It Project Management

The passing of the dot-com boom, along with a downturn in the economy, has led many U.S. companies back to the basics of IT project management. As a result, you probably will not find very many projects with sleepless and caffeine-pumped developers (supported by an open checkbook) working around the clock to be the first to market a snazzy Web site. Many experts agree that economic pressures have required IT projects to return to the fundamentals of project management that emphasize strict schedule and budget control, status reporting, continual user feedback, and documented processes and methodologies. According to Bob Wourms, a director of the consulting firm PM Solutions in Havertown, Pennsylvania, time-torn arket and market share were critical a few years ago.

Today, however, the focus is on profitability, which requires the project manager keep the project on lime and 011 budget. It also involves sticking to a goal and knowing when you're done. For example, an electric utility company called PacificCorp in Portland, Oregon, recently embarked on a $10-million customer service and call center project to support its 1.5 million customers. The goal of the eighteen-month project was for PacificCorp's 325 call center agents to handle 80 percent of all incoming calls in less than twenty seconds.

Source: Adapted from Julia King, "Back to Basics," Cnmputemorld, April 22, 2002. http://www.computerworld.eoni/managemianuopics/ roi/slory/0,10801,70253.00.html.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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