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1. You have just been hired by a local swim team to develop a Web site. This Web site will be used to provide information to boys and girls between the ages of six and eighteen who are interested in joining the team. In addition, the Web site will provide information about practices and the swim meet schedule for the season. The team would also like to be able to post the meet results. The head coach of the swim team is the project sponsor. He would also like the Web site to include pictures of the three assistant coaches and of the different swimmers at swim meets and practice. The swim team is supported largely by an association of parents who help run the swim meets and work the concession stand. Several of the parents have asked that a volunteer schedule be part of the Web site so that the parent volunteers can see when they are scheduled to work at a particular meet. The head coach, however, has told you that he believes this project can wait and should not be part of the Web site now. Two people will be helping you on the project. One is a graphic artist; the other is person who is very familiar with HTML, Java, Active Server Pages (ASP), and several Web development tools. Based upon the information provided, develop the basics of a project charter. Although you will not be able to develop a complete project charter at this point, you can get started on the following:

a. Come up with a name for the project.

b. Identify the project stakeholders, their roles, and their titles.

c. Provide a brief description of the project.

d. Develop a MOV for this project.

e. Specify the project's scope in terms of the highlevel features or functionality that should be included in the Web site.

f. Specify what should not be included in the pro ject's scope.

g. Specify the resources that will be required and provide an estimated cost for each resource. (Be sure to include a reference or sound basis to justify the cost for each resource).

h. Identify some of the risks associated with this project. i. You are free to make assumptions as needed, but be sure to document them!

2. Suppose a company is interested in purchasing a call center software package to improve its cus tomer service. Describe the project management processes that would be needed to support the first two phases of the IT project methodology.

3. Plan a kick-off meeting for a project team.

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