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This site is CNET ' s entry into the world of all things that have to do with IT, including project management. A beautifully crafted site full of fun to read things about IT, you ' l l find that you have this added to your browser Favorites in no time.

You won 't find as much detail about IT project management as you do on the two preceding sites, but what you do find are great shells of starter documents (called "boilerplates") that you can download and modify to meet your needs. I' ve used TechRepublic for several documents that I needed to write but didn' t have a clue how to begin, including a request for proposal (RDP) and various IT management documents. If you do a search on "project management" in TechRepublic' s search engine (remembering to nest the words inside quotes), you' l l get several hits on easy-to-use methods and boilerplates for IT project management.

My personal IT bias is toward Microsoft ' s offerings (which goes 180 degrees against some of you—sorry), and I find that TechRepublic has a heavier proclivity toward Linux than I' d like to read about. But I don' t usually go to the site to read about technical stuff as much as I do for IT management. Whatever flavor of OS and NOS you prefer, I think you ' l l find TechRepublic to be an incredibly valuable web tool.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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