This site was also one that I hit heavily for research on PM. This site has partners with Colorado State University (CSU—Go Colorado!), which has been extremely proactive in providing quality PM training. CSU is noted for training educators, so it ' s logical that the university would be very good at educating project managers. The 4PM site is also affiliated with Project Management Institute Inc. (PMI), CompTIA, and the American Council on Education (ACE; www.ACENET.edu).

Because of 4PM ' s association with PMI, you' l l find that the verbiage on the website is heavily oriented toward that point of view. Not that this is a bad thing, but the methodologies that PMI has developed are complex, somewhat difficult to learn and, I think, more than the average IT PM needs to know. Nevertheless, you ' l l find great information on all things PM, plus the ability to enroll for instructor-led or online PM training.

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