This site was enormously useful to me in researching this book because it's focused specifically on IT project management, yet includes all of today's prevailing PM thought. Sponsored by a variety of businesses that includes MKS (a code librarying software company) and Oracle EBS, you'll find this site to be beautifully laid out, with great articles by people from all over the PM industry.

There are three different ways you can access this site:

■ As a registered visitor (free access).

■ As a Premium member. Premium membership is only for one person and costs


■ As a Corporate member—there are varying levels of pricing for the Corporate package.

Additionally, Gantthead offers something called the Process Package, a grouping of eight customized packages that members can download for use in their company. Recall that a package is a grouping of projects, so any of the eight packages might be very useful in your environment. They're plug-and-play, in the sense that a lot of the content work has already been done and it's simply up to you to customize to meet your needs. You can get more information by visiting the website.

In particular, I found that it was easy to key in a search string on Gantthead's site search engine to find documents I was looking for. Some things I tried garnered no hits—somewhat disappointing—but for the most part I was thrilled with Gantthead's offerings.

You'll find that Gantthead is very pro-PACE, a good thing I think when talking about IT projects. They' ve added an interesting twist to PACE: adding a justify phase to the start of the project; PACE now becomes JPACE. I think the justify phase is valid, because a lot of IT projects experience their hardest climb simply as admins and PMs spin their wheels trying to prove the project needs to exist.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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