What Is the IT Project Certification

The CompTIA IT Project+ test was developed, in part, by Gartner Inc., a well-known consulting company and IT research and think-tank entity. Gartner has its own arm dedicated to project management.

CompTIA is a pretty cool outfit because its mission is to create tests and certifications that aren't company-specific. Dor example, you can take a server test that deals with the elements of servers and server operation, but doesn't ask you specifics about, say, Dell, HP, IBM, or Compaq. CompTIA got its start with what is now almost a standard in the industry, the A+ exam—a test designed to quiz you on your understanding of the guts of a PC and its associated connection to a network. But there are other tests as well: Network+, Linux+, and others. In my position as director of a group of IT operations people, I try to get my junior people interested in succeeding on the A+ test, because the level of knowledge covered is so thorough.

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