User Acceptance Review

The project book should include documentation about the way that user acceptance testing (UAT) will occur, what steps will be taken to rectify problems that occur during testing, and some sort of review sheet that users fill out to detail their reaction to the deliverables.

After UAT has occurred (and perhaps re-occurred, if your system had a low level of acceptance during the first round), you ' l l include the user acceptance sheets in this section of the project book.

The great thing about UAT is that, from a user' s perspective, it validates how close you got to the bull ' s-eye. UAT reveals the way that you heard what the user wanted and how well you were able to translate it into the system they requested. If you don 't get very close to the mark, your scope' s going to enlarge because you have to go back to the drawing board.

Tip Contrary to popular IT belief, USER is not a four-letter word. You' re developing the requested system for end users, not necessarily for yourself. Developing a system that meets user needs (while tempering user wish lists) is the top job of any project manager.

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