Understanding the Basics of a Project Management Plan

So far we ve talked about a project concept document, the project charter, a requirements document, and a scope document (all with their associated sign-offs). Your project may have all of these documents and perhaps even more, including such supporting documents as a vendor ' s statement of work; or your project may be small enough that you can comfortably pare down the information into a couple of documents.

Either way, the effort of fleshing out the project concept, charter, requirements, and scope has taken place. By this time you would expect to have very highly refined requirements and a well-positioned scope document. Your goal at this point is to be rock-steady, with little to dissuade you, with the completion of the project as developed in previous documents in mind.

Now we go forward with the actual project planning process; we will lay down the way that we re going to actually get this thing done.

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