Understanding Quality Management

In order to finish your project with high-quality deliverables, you need to keep your eyes focused of the development of those deliverables. You cannot simply assume that because Joe's working on a piece of code, it's going to function correctly. Joe might've had a bad day when he wrote it.

Managing the quality of your project ' s output is of extreme importance, because you don't want a black eye as a result of a poor deliverable, nor do you want a black eye for your sponsor (unless you don' t want to work there anymore!) Fortunately, there are some techniques you can use that will help you manage the quality of the project. I detail them in this section because of the test objectives, but you won't put them into play until your project' s executing phase.

Entire books and four-week training classes are devoted to quality control and quality management processes. These notions are well beyond the scope of this study guide, and you won ' t find deep, dark questions on the IT Project+ test that delve into the esotericism associated with quality management.

Tip As one example of the many programs available, see

www.sixsigmaforum.com for information about the ASQ Six Sigma course in quality management.

What you will find, both in IT and possibly on the test, are questions about how you manage the deliverables of IT projects in order to maintain a high quality. There are some elements that you can pay attention to that will allow for judicious quality management.

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