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Turnover is a feature of the closing phase (in the IPECC style of project management) or ending phase (in PACE). When you get ready to turn over a new system to the customer, there are several things you must pay attention to in order to assure that the customer experiences quality in all facets of the project.

User documentation Any documentation that the user requires in order to utilize the system should be prepared, bound (or put into an easily readable format such as PDF), and available for all users. Help-screen documentation should be complete and thorough. There is nothing more annoying than hitting F1 for help only to find "No help is available for this topic" or extremely minimal information.

User training Curricula should be developed, the trainers who will provide the training should be educated on the new system and ready to go, and the training documentation should be printed and bound, ready for class. Training materials such as demonstrations and visuals should be ready. Training classes should be put on the training calendar shortly before product release, and people should be able to sign up for training so that they can be ready to use the system quickly after it has released. Help-desk training IT project managers are often good about considering end-user training and getting classes ready for users, but they don' t often consider the person in the trenches, the help-desk technician, who will wind up getting calls from users about how the new system works. It is quite important to take into consideration where the help desk is going to fit in terms of supporting the new system and to then prepare help-desk technicians in advance with the training they will need to support users. Especially during the early phases of new system release, users are going to have questions about how the system works and may turn to the help desk for answers. The help desk needs to be ready to go at deployment time.

Other support structure Server administrators must be aware of the impact that the new system will have on servers. It is unreasonable to install new server software on existing or new servers and not relay information about it to the server admins.

PC technicians may also need to be aware of any impact the new system will have on the client computer. Dor example, if your new app uses Oracle forms or a Visual Basic front-end, or if a thin-client application requires the download of a Java client, there may be problems introduced to some client computers. It ' s important that PC technicians know how the new system impacts the client computers so they can, in turn, support the end user.

Database administrators (DBAs) must also be aware of modifications or changes in the enterprise database environment. Especially critical to DBAs is information about indexes, relationships, triggers, stored procedures, table layouts, column names, and other information pertinent to the system databases. It' s not wise to put a new system out on the floor without updating DBAs on what the system is about; that amounts to expecting them to go into discovery mode on the fly, finding out how your system works (and fixing it) when you already know this.

New systems that utilize telephony or internetworking infrastructures (routers, WAN links, etc.) will require assistance from the people who are experts in these areas. During project development time, you may have interfaced with these people, but it' s important that they have documentation as to how the new system will work on their equipment.

Producing quality deliverables goes well beyond fulfilling the customer ' s requirements just the way they had imagined it. Others are involved with the system who don' t really care about the deliverables themselves but care very much how the deliverables will affect their daily business operations. Therefore, it' s important to take into consideration, well in advance of the project's closure, who will be impacted and how and then to communicate to those individuals what's going on.

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