Tracking Scope Status

We begin with the status of the project' s scope. As the project moves along its course, the project manager should be periodically examining whether the things the team members are working on are within the scope or if some things are out of scope. With items that are out of scope, you have one of two choices: You can go through the whole change-management and scope-modification process, where you officially recognize that the additions to the scope are valid; or you can stop your folks from working on things that aren't relevant to the scope. It is fully up to the PM to make the call and to correct people who are working on out-of-scope tasks.

If you don't routinely monitor the project ' s scope, inevitably one or many of your project team members are going to get sidetracked on things that aren 't relevant to the project, whether because of an informal request of a customer or because they mistakenly think they' re working within scope. When someone does get sidetracked, the project will probably miss a deadline.

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