Tracking Project Deliverables

You must also keep tight rein on the development of the project deliverables. While team members are working on various facets of these, you must be right there so that you know the status of the deliverables—things like when something has gone wrong, when things are going really right, and when someone may need a hand getting a deliverable out the door. You know exactly what the deliverables are, because you were the one who worked feverishly on a highly refined requirements document that completely stipulated how you' l l produce the deliverables. Along with that, you also provide a task list describing how you' d fulfill the requirements, hence building the deliverable.

Now you must abide by the task list and its associated schedule, because if you do, this will ultimately result in the deliverables the customer originally desired. You must keep your eye on the decomposition process, making sure that you correctly broke the deliverables into requirements and then into tasks and that you' re fulfilling those tasks.

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