Three Conventional Project Constraints

The most common project constraints are time, quality, and costs (or budget). I will discuss these constraints in more detail in later chapters, but for now let ' s briefly take the time here to define them and list some examples to give you a broader understanding of each term.

It turns out that a phenomenon that occurs in all project management is this: If you' re limited in one of the constraint areas, the other two either will suffer as a result or must be enhanced to make up for the limitation. Dor example, if the project's timeline is too narrow for the kind of deliverables that are being asked for, either the quality of the deliverables falls or you have to add resources in order to maintain the quality. You cannot get around the intermarriage of these three constraints.

Note You may have heard of this interrelationship as, "You can have it on time, on budget, or right—pick two." When I talk more about these later, I'll use the abbreviation TQB (time, quality, budget), where the word budget stands instead of costs.

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