The TQB Equation

We' l l talk more in the next section about the "relativity" phenomenon of project management—the interplay of time, quality, and budget (TQB)— but you must refer to it as one of your project scope elements. The question you ' re answering here is this: "Of the three criteria—time, quality, or budget—which has the highest priority in the mind of the customer?" The answer to this question is important because it can dramatically sway the project' s emphasis one way or another, and this must be known well ahead of project implementation time.

Our scope document has taken on wonderful shape. We' ve not only taken time to think about all the features of a given project' s scope, but we' ve also elucidated the most important elements of our project. Let' s take a look out how our sample project is coming along. Now that we have a better idea of how to start the scope document, let' s review what it would look like at this stage.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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