The Stakeholders

We talked about stakeholders in Chapter 1, so you already know that the stakeholders include the primary project client (the initial customer requesting the project in the first place). Stakeholders also include the end users who will ultimately utilize the results of the project, and any other impacted parties, whether internal or external to the organization.

In your scope document, you specify the stakeholders and, by each name, detail their role in the project and any special needs they may have relative to it. You should be able to determine their roles and needs when you interview them or in some way characterize the role they would play—even if they' re a resource. For example, suppose that your project is going to require a graphics guru. You quiz the IT manager and find out that old Ralph over there, he ' s the best, you want to use him. Ralph' s name will wind up on the scope document.

It is imperative that everyone working on the project knows who the stakeholders are and how extensive their roles on the project will be. Discrepancies between stakeholder needs, specified requirements, expectations, and actual results can be a significant source of dissatisfaction with final project results.

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