The Most Important Trait of a Project Manager

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Arguably, the most important skill a project manager can have, even including technical skills, is outstanding communication capabilities. Projects headed by project managers with excellent communications skills will likely succeed even if the manager lacks in other skill areas.

I know of a successful, $15 million development project undertaken by a state government that was headed by a non-IT project manager. The project manager on this project had little IT technical knowledge but had extensive experience in project management as a construction PM. Those skills, primarily communication skills, carried this project to a successful conclusion.

Project managers are not necessarily technical experts and don t need to be in all cases. However, technical expertise is needed, somewhere, on IT projects, so it' s a good idea to include technical experts on your project team. If you' re a nontechnical project manager, you' l l rely on these folks quite heavily throughout the course of the project. Make sure they' re people you can trust.

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