The Importance of Communication

If you study great communicators (Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln come to mind—you might have your own favorites), you' l l find that their central theme always revolved around the idea that it ' s you and me together in this thing and we' re going to succeed. Even in heavy-handed situations where they were really up against a problem, these folks were able to get the message across that they were not going to be deterred and that the work required collective efforts on everyone' s part. Making it "us versus them" instead of "me versus them and you' re just along for the ride" will go a long way in your communicating efforts.

Lastly, don't forget humor and important people events. People need to laugh and have a time where they get to take a deep breath and relax. No project has such critical importance, for example, that you can't take half an hour to share some cake and coffee and help celebrate a team member' s birthday. Or send around a funny picture in an e-mail. There' s no need to go to only celebrate with extraordinary expense or to rely solely on fancy teambuilding measures such as a day of roller hockey. Most people simply appreciate the fact that you know they' re a person and that they have a life outside of the project they ' re involved with.

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