Testing Simulation Software

In some cases, you need to test a system that's loaded to its projected capacity. You want to try to simulate the load so you can see how the system behaves when it has a ton of users hitting it. An e-commerce site might be one product that needs this kind of stress testing.

You can obtain stress-testing software that will put a test load on your system so you can how it reacts before you deploy. Based upon the results of the testing, you can make any necessary tuning or adjustments before you close the project. The deliver of finely crafted deliverables keeps the project manager gainfully employed.

Just do a search on the Web (Yahoo!, Excite, Google, etc.) using the search string "stress testing software", and you' l l get hits that will lead you to the testing software company of your choice.

Balancing your testing with a smattering of "OK, we ' re getting too perfectionist here and it' s becoming a time-waster" will yield spectacular quality in your deliverable results. Without thorough, ambitious quality control in your project, your deliverables are going to be amateurish and will result in a "back to the drawing board" phase that you hadn' t anticipated. Avoid this black eye and implement good quality control procedures!

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