Team Members

■ Carolyn Pacheco, business analyst (RLV)

■ Molly Sareen, graphics designer (PH)

■ Renee Duluth, ISP representative (W2U)

■ Pamela Brown, project cosponsor (PH)

■ Brittany Salvage, project cosponsor (RLV) Requirements

For some requirements, user acceptance testing (UAT) will be performed to measure website visitor acceptance. For items with this measurement specified, 100 percent satisfaction will be required to certify completion.

■ The website's entry page will provide the visitor with a graphical image of a slot machine, very similar to the real-life slot machines seen in

Nevada's casinos. The website visitor ("surfer") should be able, after validation of his or her age, to click a "Spin Eials" button to spin the VSM's wheels. A variety of symbols can be used on each wheel, but the symbols should be taken from the marketing and website themes of the four hotels in the RLV Group. UAT and sign-off by the customer will represent completion of this requirement.

NOTE: A score of 100% means that each of RLV's hotels has a statistically equal chance of coming up on the VSM. In a test of 500 spins, statistically it would be expected that 450 spins would yield no prize, 40 would yield a matching combination of a single hotel, and 10 would generate the top prizes.

■ The Prestige Hotels legal department will provide assistance with the legalities behind making sure surfers are 21 or older. Provision of one legal brief stipulating what actions the IT department must take to facilitate the legality required will meet this requirement.

■ Similar to the way that a Nevada casino's slot machine works, combinations of some of the symbols create a prize. These prizes will be grouped into three categories; UAT will demonstrate that these categories are present, clearly defined, and attractive: Grand Prize The big winner on the wheel is a combination of three cowboy hats. The lucky spinner will receive three nights for two at the Texas, all expenses paid (hotel stay, taxes, airport transfers, and meals at any of the Texas restaurants), and $500 cash. First-class airfare from anywhere in the continental U.S. is included through the partner airline qLines. Prize cost is $3,000. Only one Grand Prize can be awarded. First Prizes These are nine prizes of lesser value than the Grand Prize but greater than the Second Prizes; three of any non-Texas symbol will win a First Prize. A First Prize winner will be able to select the prize they prefer from a list of the remaining, not-yet-awarded First Prizes. (Eevelopers will prove this component works by showing the customer a complete simulation software cycle, in which the software is run by thousands of simultaneous uses. UAT will then validate this requirement.) A First Prize consists of a free additional night at an RLV hotel when the first night is purchased by the surfer (individual prize cost is $222). Three such First Prizes will be offered to each of the Cajun Blues, Bangkok, and Sidewinder hotels.

Second Prizes Smaller giveaways (cost $15-$25 each) will be known as Second Prizes; 25 of each of the following Second Prizes will be awarded:

■ A spin of two pairs of chopsticks, representing the Bangkok hotel, will win the surfer a T-shirt from the Bangkok.

■ Two race cars, representing the Sidewinder hotel, will win a PVP or

VHS video of the making of the Sidewinder.

■ Two Mardi Gras symbols, representing the Cajun Blues hotel, will win a bottle of Bordeaux wine labeled with the Cajun Blues label.

■ The Grand Prize and each First Prize can only be awarded once.

Iteration testing will be used to validate that the wheel cannot give out more than one of each. One document demonstrating the results of iteration testing and guaranteeing that each prize can only be awarded once will satisfy this requirement.

■ Surfers are allowed to visit as often as they want, but a surfer cannot spin the wheel more than once. This information will be validated as the surfer logs on to the site. The Prestige legal department will provide verbiage to put on the site for legal coverage. The logon address will be matched to the current list of addresses of winners. If a winner has already been issued for this address, no further prizes will be awarded for this surfer. UAT will validate this requirement.

NOTE: One hundred percent UAT will be accomplished first by putting the software through simulation testing over several million pulls. Using the PH website statistics that show that average hit count runs around 1,000 surfers a day, simulation testing will illustrate what five years ' worth of pulls could theoretically produce. Once the Grand Prize has been awarded, the code will prevent the VSM from entering into the Grand Prize code function again.

RLV has obtained an algorithm from the manufacturer of their in-casino electronic slot machines, Slot Electronic Systems (SES) Inc. This algorithm (not a piece of code, simply a mathematical model) keeps the in-casino slots from generating two big jackpot winners within a short time of one another. The manufacturer will allow us to use this algorithm within our VSM code, provided we sign a nondisclosure agreement and submit our code to them for preapproval.

■ The site will offer the ability to view samples of the rooms in any of the hotels and links to all of the individual hotels' regular websites. For example, if the surfer clicks a cowboy boot, they will be directed to the Texas site. UAT will validate this requirement.

■ Surfers will have the ability to book a room at any of the four RLV

hotels, or to navigate to an RLV hotel ' s website and book from there. A surfer booking a room will be required to enter a credit card number to hold the room. UAT will validate this requirement.

■ The site will link to the partnership airlines website—qLines. UAT will validate this requirement.

■ The surfer will be able to print out coupons for discounts on meals and shows. UAT will validate this requirement.

■ One complete UAT document will validate that the site runs as expected and is ready for final publication.

■ The site must be up and running in 180 days, in time for the Las Vegas conference season. Completion of tentative project calendar will validate this requirement.

■ The site will be published to Prestige' s ISP, World To You (W2U) Inc.

A W2U server, as specified in the W2U contract, will be used to house the website. W2U will maintain the site ' s databases and code for disaster recovery and fault tolerance. A copy of the W2U contract will validate this requirement.

■ W2U will be responsible for getting the site listed on the major search engines of the Internet (Yahoo, Excite, Google, etc.). A copy of the W2U contract will validate this requirement.

■ RLV Marketing will publish the website ' s address in trade journals, magazines, newspapers—anywhere that the marketing department thinks it would be beneficial to advertise the site. RLV Marketing will pay for all marketing of the site out of its budget. A copy of the agreement between RLV and its parent, Prestige Hotels, will validate this requirement. Scheduled Tasks (WBS)

WBS Approvals:

Rolf Montenegro, Executive Director—Operations, RLV Group (Project Executive Sponsor)

Brittany Salvage, Director—Marketing, RLV Group (Project Cosponsor)

Pamela Brown, Director—Project Management, Prestige Hotels (Project Cosponsor)

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