This chapter deepened and finalized discussions surrounding the scope elements of the project. I started by talking about what to do if you are put in charge of a project that has already started but isn 't complete. There are some mandatory elements that must go into any scope document, including (of course) the scope for the project you' re taking over. It' s important to examine the elements in the project' s current scope document and compare it to the mandatory elements to make sure there' s nothing left out. Mandatory elements include project size and cost, the schedule and window of opportunity, stakeholders (including their roles and authority), completion criteria, methodologies to be followed, the scope change control process, mandated resources, and any industry or government regulations that may apply to the project.

We also talked about elements of the final project scope definition and the circumstances in which they would be appropriate, including such things as the change-control process, building consensus among project stakeholders, and obtaining management buy-in by involving management in the decision-making process and providing a role for management as a spokesperson for the project.

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