Stepping Up Activities and Sign Off of Deliverables

You certainly don ' t want to deliver a shoddy product, but where possible you should be actively looking for ways that you can close out an activity or sign off on one of a project ' s deliverables. Sometimes things can be hurried along in this regard:

■ In the world of PM, to make the effort of hurrying up the creation of a deliverable is called a push.

■ When you decide to concentrate a lot of people on a specific area of the project so as to bring a deliverable in more quickly than originally projected, we say you' re about to crash the project.

A famous PM axiom serves as a caveat to the "crash" idea: Getting three pregnant women together doesn' t mean a baby will be born in three months. In other words, you shouldn ' t talk yourself into thinking that you can get an activity done faster by simply throwing people at it. Some things take as long as they take, and that ' s that; others just can 't be done by more than one person at a time. However, some activities can indeed benefit from this type of "crash," and you can produce a deliverable more quickly than first anticipated by crashing the project.

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