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Components of the supplemental Software and any offers associated with them may be supported by the specific Owner(s) of that material, but they are not supported by SYBEX. Information regarding any available support may be obtained from the Owner(s) using the information provided in the appropriate files or listed elsewhere on the media.

Should the manufacturer(s) or other Owner(s) cease to offer support or decline to honor any offer, SYBEX bears no responsibility. This notice concerning support for the Software is provided for your information only. SYBEX is not the agent or principal of the Owner(s), and SYBEX is in no way responsible for providing any support for the Software, nor is it liable or responsible for any support provided, or not provided, by the Owner(s). Warranty

SYBEX warrants the enclosed media to be free of physical defects for a period of ninety (90) days after purchase. The Software is not available from SYBEX in any other form or media than that enclosed herein or posted to If you discover a defect in the media during this warranty period, you may obtain a replacement of identical format at no charge by sending the defective media, postage prepaid, with proof of purchase to:


Product Support Department 1151 Marina Village Parkway Alameda, CA 94501 Web:

After the 90-day period, you can obtain replacement media of identical format us the defective disk, proof of purchase, and a check or money order for $10, SYBEX. Disclaimer

SYBEX makes no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, with respect to the Software or its contents, quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will SYBEX, its distributors, or dealers be liable to you or any other party for direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other damages arising out of the use of or inability to use the Software or its contents even if advised of the possibility of such damage. In the event that the Software includes an online update feature, SYBEX further disclaims any obligation to provide this feature for any specific duration other than the initial posting.

The exclusion of implied warranties is not permitted by some states. Therefore, the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty provides you with specific legal rights; there may be other rights that you may have that vary from state to state. The pricing of the book with the Software by SYBEX reflects the allocation of risk and limitations on liability contained in this agreement of Terms and Conditions. Shareware Distribution by sending payable to

This Software may contain various programs that are distributed as shareware. Copyright laws apply to both shareware and ordinary commercial software, and the copyright Owner(s) retains all rights. If you try a shareware program and continue using it, you are expected to register it. Individual programs differ on details of trial periods, registration, and payment. Please observe the requirements stated in appropriate files. Copy Protection

The Software in whole or in part may or may not be copy-protected or encrypted. However, in all cases, reselling or redistributing these files without authorization is expressly forbidden except as specifically provided for by the Owner(s) therein.

To Kimmie, the love of my life, and to God, my heart and soul Acknowledgments

This is the tenth book on which I've worked as a contributing writer, coauthor, or solo author for Sybex. All of them have been challenging and fun, and through them I've learned a lot about publishing. One thing I can tell you is that every individual affiliated with Sybex has been of great character and has gone beyond the call of duty to refine and produce a wonderful book. Their efforts can be found in everything: from the edits to the graphics to the test engines and everything in between.

For example: Pete Gaughan, the primary editor for the book you're holding, caught me this time round on a sentence concerning five-nines uptime that differed from something I'd written two books ago. Pete is a strong testimony to the power there is in being an editor. He pores over text to make sure it reads well, it's accurate, and, most importantly, it's interesting. He does it day in, day out, and is really excellent at what he does.

Elizabeth Hurley, the acquisitions and development editor, is intelligent, an incredible booster to an author's ego, and very positive about the books we're doing. She's a dynamo, just full of energy (or chai tea or something...). She puts up with the longest phone calls and e-mails you can imagine. She is the first to see the text, working with the author on the first few chapters and helping develop the book's entire outline. This is an amazingly cutthroat industry, and yet here's Elizabeth encouraging me, helping me make something better.

Production editor Kelly Winquist is the stationmaster, responsible for deadlines, traffic, and details. She reminds me when things are due—firmly but pleasantly—and keeps the text, art, and CD elements organized. It is up to Kelly to see that the final galleys are examined and OK'ed by proofreaders, technical editors, and me, all in time before the book gets printed. She's easy to work with and professional.

I'm probably a interesting specimen to our illustrator, Tony Jonick, because I request unusual graphics for a computer book. I tend to go beyond router diagrams and flowcharts; for example, in this book you'll see the tire-swing example. Yes, I got an e-mail asking what the heck I thought I was doing, but in the final run, Tony came through as always. Who else could (for one of my other books) make a bandits mask and a moustache look good on a server?

And what about Neil Edde? Are there words to describe him? He, too, is a human dynamo—I've never seen such energy. He's enthusiastic about Sybex and the books they publish. He's an articulate, polite genius. He's fun to be around, to go out to dinner with, and to talk to about books. Thanks, Neil, for taking a chance on me.

See? You just cannot beat the caliber of folks working for Sybex. Aren't you jealous that you're not a writer for this company and don't get to work with the level of professionalism that I've been spoiled by for the last few years?

On technical books, authors have to go through the dreaded technical edit (TE)—the phase where an expert, someone who has forgotten more about the subject than I'll ever know, reads the book for accuracy. I constantly imagine that they're saying things like, "Pete, is this guy the best you could do?" I'm very bad about complaining about tech editors, only to find out that they're actually cool people and not evil beings from another dimension, so I repent and tell the editors that I really like my TEs. This time, I was blessed with technical editors André Paree-Huff and James Kelly.

I really like my TEs.

I should point out that the executive arm of Sybex is as dedicated as the worker-bee arm. Dr. Rodnay Zaks, the company founder, and Jordan Gold, the publisher, are both wonderful men who have developed a wonderful world-class technical book company. (World-class? Sure. I have copies of three different books of mine in Chinese. Sybex gets around.)

My thanks also goes out to all the unsung folks who are involved in a project like this: the contract keepers, accountants, website wranglers, mailroom staff, and of course the server admins who keep Sybex a-rockin'.

And thanks to God, who gave me the gift of writing and helped me meet up with this team.

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