Scope Change Control Process

Change control involves the process of receiving a change, evaluating its merit, and then approving the change. You re interested in change control because once the scope has been finalized and documented, changes that are made to the project must be formal and approved before they can be implemented, or the project will suffer from scope creep. Note Remember, scope creep is when the scope grows without anyone being aware of it. Avoid it, because it usually puts you over budget and behind in schedule.

The scope change-control process defines how the project scope may be changed. This section of the scope document outlines procedures that must be used to request changes. All changes must be in writing. Changes need to be approved by an established Change Control Board or Steering Committee. This group is made up of project stakeholders and approves all changes to the scope. A change request must be communicated to all team members and project stakeholders.

Just because a change is requested does not mean that it must be implemented in this project. The project manager, sponsor, and stakeholders must all understand that the change may not be appropriate for this project but may happen later—in a Phase II of this project, or a Release 2 project, a next version projection, etc.

Note I describe good change-management policies in their own section later in this chapter.

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