All risk assessments are on a scale of 1-10 for both risk likelihood and risk severity (10 being the most likely and most severe).

■ Users may be unaware of the site, resulting in little use. Statistical likelihood of any one surfer who is new to the Internet being unaware of a Web site is 1:250,000,000—not very good odds! However, by advertising on the 25 top visited sites, odds are reduced to 1:10,000. There is no suitable risk response to this apart from waiting for the word to get out that the site' s out there. Print media spots will help mitigate this risk further. Risk likelihood: 7; risk severity: 2.

■ Prizes may not be attractive enough to users. Statistical likelihood indicates that surfers are attracted to physical prizes over "cyber" prizes (coupons, dollars-off on a purchase elsewhere, etc.) by 500:1. We feel that offering a physical prize will generate far more hits than offering no prize or a cyber prize. No risk response is required. Risk likelihood: 5; risk severity: 5.

■ Site may be ineffective for some other reason (graphics don' t look good, etc.). Focus groups indicates that surfers will leave a badly developed site 75% faster than one that' s been well-developed (graphics are complex, sharp, colorful and clear, site is fast, sufficient white space, etc.). Software is available that can monitor users who are hitting a test Web site in a focus-group setting to generate viewing statistics. We' l l mitigate this risk by running the site through two focus groups using this software prior to putting it into production. Risk likelihood: 2; risk severity: 7. Technical Issues

■ Collaboration between W2U and the Prestige IT department may at any time become strained or unclear. No quantification required. We can mitigate this risk by making sure that someone on the project team holds regular meetings with W2U. Risk likelihood: 2; risk severity: 5. Industry Issues

■ Legal problems with gambling and e-commerce. We don't want lawsuits from states or other entities who feel we' re not validating a surfer' s age. No quantification required. We can mitigate this risk by running all concerns about legality through Prestige s legal department. Risk likelihood: 2; risk severity: 7.

■ Labor issues with slot machine makers? This risk is minor in nature and not likely to occur. No quantification required. No risk response necessary. Risk likelihood: 0; risk severity: 7.

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