Resource Availability

It ' s all fine, well, and good that you' ve invented a really great task. But if there' s no one to perform it, then, "Houston, we have a problem." Consider resorting to contractual help for tasks on the critical path or postponing non-mission-critical tasks until later in the hopes that you can get the resources needed to complete them.

Material costs It costs you more to overnight, drop-ship a part. It can cost even more when the part won't be available for some time, creating hold-ups in other tasks of your project.

Time costs Your time is a resource, and if you' re working on more than one project, balancing among multiple projects will cost your project time. Waiting for resources to free up that you need for your project also winds up affecting the time it takes to get the project done.

Human-effort costs If everyone on your project team is hard-working, you 've got to watch it so that you don't over-drive them, because they' l l naturally take on more work than they really should. In a teambuilding sense, it' s important to manage your team member' s desire to produce a really great product at the expense of their home life.

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