Resource Availability Assumptions

Assumptions are an important part of the project scope document. It ' s important that assumptions are discussed and approved by all before the project goes forward. Take special care to confirm that your assumptions are, in fact, valid. Assumptions are statements taken for granted or truth; they are not necessarily supported by analysis or proof. Dor example, if you re planning on using Sue Smiley s talents at a particular time in the project, but her manager isn' t aware of this, she might be on a plane headed for Helsinki at the precise moment she' s needed most on your project. It may be important to have a document, signed by her manager, that allots the use of Sue' s time to your project. It would also be wise to designate a backup just in case Sue won' t be available.

Generally, the project manager assumes that resources will be available, that the resources will be able to adequately perform their duties, that vendors will deliver on time, and that money will be available as described in the budget. Up-front identification of your assumptions will help you figure out where the strengths and weaknesses in your project exist.

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