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Quality is the second component of this set of project management constraints. In this context, quality is the overall soundness of the deliverables (the resulting product of the project) that arise from the project's successful outcome. This is a measure of the characteristics of the deliverables, not simply whether they were produced and on time. Dor example, suppose that you're working on a new driver's license system that will enable motor vehicle department personnel to create licenses more quickly. Suppose that the system works OK, but the graphics aren't as good as they could be or the system is much slower than intended. The system's deliverables are produced, in time and to plan, but the quality is poor.

PMI's guidebook says that scope is the third part of the constraints triad, but it acknowledges that quality also plays a part. I differ from this view, because I don't view the scope of the project as a constraint; I view it as a malleable thing that is formulated by the PM and evaluated from the perspective of the time/quality/budget constraints. But you should be aware that A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge identifies the basic trio of constraints as cost, schedule, and scope.

Also, please understand that it is perfectly safe for your opinions to differ from those expressed in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge in regard to the information on the IT Project+ test and your views on project management in general. There are lots of other views on project management besides PMI's—which is why the IT Project+ exam is designed to test your overall understanding of PM ideologies. However, you should look to PMI as one of your definitive, authoritative sources of information when it comes to projects, because they have thoroughly looked over the entire (vast) area of project management and have developed good notions about the subject. You should be aware that if you go on from this test to study and certify as a PMI PMP, quality won't be considered the third constraint, scope will; so some of the way that you learn to talk about projects in this book will change at PMP certification study time.

In another IT example, perhaps your system turns out just fine, but the help screens aren't populated very well. Or perhaps you deployed a wonderful system, replete with high-quality help screens, but end-user training turns out not be as well aligned to answering the questions as you might've anticipated.

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