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Your project management software is going to come to your rescue with task creation and assignment. Your job is fourfold:

■ As definitively as you can, list each of the tasks, activities, and phases required to produce a deliverable.

■ Take the tasks to the people who will be doing them and obtain time estimates. (Remember that you want an average, not excessively detailed predictions, and that you' re going to add a quality overhead of some standard percentage.)

■ Key the tasks, activities, and phases into your project management software, including the duration that was estimated for each task and the team member who will be actually working on the task.

■ Assign predecessor and successor numbers to arrive at the dates in which you should expect a team member to start a given task and when the task should complete.

Tip Missing here is the "watch the team members like a hawk" element, where you ' re paying close attention to the time being spent on the task versus the approach of its completion. This is where your title really comes into play—make sure that the tasks get done, and if they' re not, find out why. In army Rangers ' vernacular, it' s time for "kicking butt and taking names."

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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