Project Size

The project size denotes the overall magnitude and complexity of the project. Depending on the project' s size, certain scope items may be omitted and others may need to stay. By declaring an initial size estimate for a project, you' re not limited to only the scope elements that are initially included in the scope document. You can opt to include other elements if they ' re requested at a later time as enhancements. Dor example, phase two of a project may include some scope elements that were evaluated as nice to have, but not necessary, in phase one.

Obviously, the project' s size might be impacted if scope changes occur.

When including a project size characteristic in your scope document, you might stipulate that the scope document "Contains these elements: ..." and "Doesn' t contain these elements: ..." This, of course, depends on the overall size of the project and your estimation as to whether the document needs this level of detail or not.

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